Club training duathlon Sat 19th

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Re: Club training duathlon Sat 19th

Post by Helly on Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:48 am

Our December Club duathlon took place this morn with a smaller than expected crowd due to the frost putting people off and others cramming in last minute xmas shopping. We thougth we might have to cancel the cycle but the frosty roads cleared in time (after we'd all resigned ourselves to just doing a run, we had to force ourselves to take the bikes out of the cars!)
Shane and Stefan cycled out from Waterford on a tandem dressed as Santa's. The also did the duathlon (together obviously!) on the tandem getting lots of beeping horns and attention.
Brian Slattery found himself in the unusual position of leading after the 1st run and was a bit unsure of what to he put the foot down on the bike and stayed ahead to finish 1st overall.

Full results:
1st Brian Slattery 1.12.16
2nd Maurice McCartan 1.13.30
3rd Santa's (Shane & Stefan) 1.13.50
4th Paul Hallahan 1.16.45
5th Siobhan Dunphy 1.17.53
6th Siobhan Kennedy 1.20.34
7th John Kinsella 1.22.35
8th Jacinta Power 1.25.42
9th Carol Sinnott 1.32.08
10th Norma Goggin 1.32.08
11th Helen Whyte 1.32.08

Thanks to marshals Barry Lambe, Eleanor Carey, Michael Carroll, Davin Power (who also cycled round the course), Andrew Hickey and Tom Casey. And a big Thanks to Tom who cooked a big pot of soup for everone to drink during and after the race...delicious!

** Check out Facebook for a few photos...**


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Re: Club training duathlon Sat 19th

Post by Dillonger on Wed Dec 16, 2009 9:53 am

Folks, I too will be at the duathlon at the weekend but will only be doin the cycle so let me know if anyone wants to team up and do the run!


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relay team

Post by copperman on Fri Dec 11, 2009 8:49 pm

If anyone does not want to do whole event I would be quite willing to do a section or two for anyone who needs a hand for their first race. I should point out that I am on Christmas night out on the Friday so if you are competetive don't contact me as my performance will be alcohol hindered! Give me a ring 086 6093140 if interested.



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Club training duathlon Sat 19th

Post by martink on Wed Dec 09, 2009 2:37 am

The next club training duathlon will be on Saturday 19th Dec in Fenor at 10am, probably last training day before the big eating fest. Anybody new or just interested in doing the cyle or run on its own can let me know, I can try put a couple of teams together. Contact me 087/2535375


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Re: Club training duathlon Sat 19th

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