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Post by Helly on Wed Nov 25, 2009 2:35 am

Hi Phil,

I find Endura Great! (Alan Blue is the guy we dealt with there) I organised and ordered the gear for our club and find them very easy to work with. They sent us lots of samples for sizes within days of speaking to them. I found other companies a bit slow and unwilling to send too much. Once we designed and agreed our artwork, we had our order delivered in about 7 weeks (and it was a pretty big order). They also designed and made up items of clothing that are not on their brochure for us. eg. tops without zips or elastics, sleeves a bit shorter or longer, add or take away pockets, make straps shorter or longer. They will do whatever is possible.
We only got our 1st order from them in May this year so I can't say for definite how long things will keep their shape for or if they will fall apart in any way but the quality seems to be great, the clothing comfortable and so far we have had no problems. We have a lot of the colour white in our gear and we were a bit worried about how clean it would wash out but the type of material they use, especially for their wintex jackets, (getting very muddy on cycles lately) washes spotless each time.

You also get a nice discount depending on the size of your order. For us, with the Euro/Sterling exchange rate it worked out great.
Good Luck with your search



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tri clothing

Post by borderci on Tue Nov 24, 2009 9:57 pm


my name is Phil mc govern and i own border city cycles based in newry, i also stock Newry Tri club clothing and we are looking to change our supplier of the club gear. i wanted to get feedback on the clothing you get from Endura as this supplier is one of two we are looking at. any feedback would be grateful.



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