Limerick Hurlng Rocked With Further Withdrawals

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Re: Limerick Hurlng Rocked With Further Withdrawals

Post by LiamD on Wed Jan 13, 2010 7:58 am

For you information, Limerick hurling has never been in a healthier state and we look forward to 2010 and may we beat ash off any Kilkenny supporter that stands in our way. All the way with Justin ... or without .... who cares as long as it is all the way!!!

Slatts why don't you are go poke fun at some-other county and may the bike rust burn a hole in your chamois big man!!! :-)


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Re: Limerick Hurlng Rocked With Further Withdrawals

Post by Dillonger on Sat Nov 21, 2009 2:15 am

Slatts I think if you search through the archives that I actually walked away from Limerick hurling about 15 years ago. Liam (I think) walked away 20 years ago. We are both waiting for a call from Justin and they way things are going we might actually get it ! ! ! Get Peter Barry out of retirement is all we'll need then ! ! !


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Limerick Hurlng Rocked With Further Withdrawals

Post by Slatts on Fri Nov 20, 2009 7:08 pm


The Limerick hurling crisis escalated last night when six more players walked away from Justin McCarthy's squad.

The latest to quit in protest at McCarthy's decision to axe 12 of last year's panel are Brian Geary, Donal O'Grady, Seamus Hickey, Wayne McNamara and brothers Noel and Liam Dillon.

According to the Limerick Leader, the players contacted Limerick chairman Liam Lenihan last night to confirm their decision to follow Damien Reale and James Ryan out of the panel. Geary and O'Grady have played over 60 championship games between them for the county, while Hickey was named as Young Hurler of the Year in 2007.

The withdrawal of Adare clubman Noel Dillon comes as a major shock having only made a comeback last year after several years out of the game. His brother Liam is said to have management ambitions of his own with the county.

The decision leaves the management with just 12 players remaining from this year's panel and increases the pressure on Justin McCarthy to step down after just one season at the helm.


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Re: Limerick Hurlng Rocked With Further Withdrawals

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