Representing your country - World Triathlon Champs London 2013

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Re: Representing your country - World Triathlon Champs London 2013

Post by emmk on Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:57 pm

Right just putting it out there.
Euro Champs in Turkey accomodation can be arranged for cheep.
My only catch is I have to be back in Ireland by the 20th may be 19th due to a date in a church.
I was thinking Olympic distance so do I only have to race Bo Peep ?
Given that I will be racing in Austria for the sprint.
Nice bit of sun good training before hand what do you think ?
I know I have to qualify for the spot but I am working hard for a race in July Rolling Eyes


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Representing your country - World Triathlon Champs London 2013

Post by Helly on Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:04 pm

Just something to keep in mind when choosing races to enter this year. The ITU World Triathlon Champs are on in London next year. Sprint & Olympic distance races. No date set yet.

There are 20 places per age-group up for grabs this year with 5 places being allocated from Tri Athy Olympic, Tri Athlone Sprint, TI National Series 2012 placings and 5 from Outside of Ireland. Any unused or remaining places from these pools will be given to next on the list.

There are various closing dates for applications with nothing to worry about till mid June at the earliest.

It would be a great opportunity to represent Ireland so close to home. Check out the link below for full details.

For any non Irish Passport holders, you don't need one to be elegible. You just need to be resident in Ireland with utility bills as proof.

If anyone feels like a sun holiday, the European Triathlon Champs are on in Turkey in June. see the link for more details on this.


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