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Re: Advice please

Post by Slatts on Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:03 pm

Well Bob,

I wouldn't change the set up too much after putting the bars on as you will still be using the bike as a road bike most of the time.

The idea of the bars (and TT bikes) is to present as little frontal area as possible - ie getting head low, arms tucked in and back flat. You're kind of limited as to how much you can change after installing the bars, the main one I'd try id to drop the handle bars a spacer or two and move the saddle back as small bit. You could probably live with these changes when the bars are off and you're using the bike as a road bike - it won't be as comfortable though

Whatever changes you make just make them in small increments or you risk injury. Try them on a turbo trainer if you have one.

I wouldn't go near the cleats as messing with them tends to result in a sore knee (always does for me anyway!), Shane or Martin etc will be able to tell if its worth moving them if you mention it to them on a group cycle or at one of the duathlons

I'm sure if I've stated something wrong here one of the lads will correct me.......



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Advice please

Post by roco71 on Mon Jan 02, 2012 7:02 am

Hi all, I am looking for a bit of bike set up advice please. I have fitted a set of clip on tri bars to my race bike and want to make it more of a tri set up. When I got the bike last year, I got a fitting to suit road style. However, I think that in order to get the benefit out of the tri bars I should be bringing my saddle forward to its maximum. Perhaps lowering the handlebars slightly to get lower? I wonder should i also move the cleats back as far as possbile on my shoes to get my foot further forward or does that make a difference?


Cheers Bob.

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