A Tribute to Keith Radley

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Re: A Tribute to Keith Radley

Post by Radley on Sun Nov 08, 2009 2:27 pm

Noel.. it wouldn be like you to go over the top at all... Just to say all the best to everyone I never got a chance to meet before I headed off. Unfortuantly couldn make the club duathlon last weekend as I was away. Anyway have stopped all the big goodbyes seen as my last trip away was fairly short lived. Godluck with everyones training for the winter especially to the future ironmen.

Ps Shane I promise to be a stone heavier when I come home.


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A Tribute to Keith Radley

Post by Dillonger on Sat Nov 07, 2009 4:26 am

As you are all aware, the great Keith Radley today departed on his great Asian and Australian adventure.

Crowds of family members, relations, friends, well wishers, journalists and admirers gathered at Cork Airport early this afternoon to bid farewell to Dungarvan's favourite son. It was, however, a happy occasion considering the balmy weather and exotic travel locations that lie in store for the man who has successive top 10 finishes in Kenmare chalked against his name.

It is widely rumoured that Mr. Radley will tour South East Asia during the opening month of his trip before setting sail to the Australian sporting capital of Melbourne, a city made famous by its hosting of the Australian Open Tennis, Motor Racing GP and Melbourne Cup not to mention the numerous Aussia Rules football clubs that reside therein.

With the fantastic sporting lifestyle on offer in Melbourne, it is here that Mr. Radley is expected to commence his preparations for the 2010 season and the Dungarvan faithful are expecting the return of a sporting superstar to this proud town during 2010, not seen since the heady days of John Treacy.

Wishing you a great trip young man Very Happy


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