Director, Dublin Division

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Director, Dublin Division

Post by Guns of Balbriggan on Thu Nov 05, 2009 1:07 am

I’d like to purpose Noel Dillon for the new position of ‘Director, Dublin Division’.

For the past 3 weeks Noel has been drawing huge crowds every Wed night to watch him running laps. Just as people have been flocking to Knock for inspiration from the virgin Mary throngs of people have been clogging south bound carriageways of the M50 for the chance to witness the awesome raw power of Dillonger in Full flight. Although he has only been training there for 3 weeks he is already a God to these people, a beacon of hope in these recessionary times.
I therefore think it is both fitting and in the financial interests of the club to allow Dillonger to recruit his new followers/disciples as members of the WTC Dublin Division. These simple peasant folk would pay any price to join a club that has Dillonger as a member.

On a personal note I’d like to thank all club members for their continued support and encouragement on my return from injury. This week I finally got the good news you have all been waiting for when Dr Howie Pheltersnatch confirmed I will once again be racing at the peak of my powers this summer!

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