Bone Health Study in WIT - volunteers needed!

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Bone Health Study in WIT - volunteers needed!

Post by Warner on Thu Jul 09, 2009 10:33 pm

Hi all..

I'm doing a research masters in WIT looking at the effects of protein supplements on bone health in exercising men between ages 18-30.

There's an increase in osteoporosis in men and high protein diets have been linked with reduced bone health so I'm looking to see if people who take protein supplements are more at risk of developing osteoporosis.

I need to recruit 100 men who take supplements and 100 who don't to compare the bone health of the two groups.

It involves coming in to WIT for a bone density scan which also measures percentage body fat, keeping a food diary for 3 days, taking a urine sample those same 3 days and coming back into WIT the following week to give a blood sample.

It's quite good for sportspeople because as well as getting your bone density result the scan is one of the most accurate methods of measuring percentage lean body mass and fat mass. If you were to get this done privately it can cost up to €150.

As well as that you will get detailed feedback on your diet. The analysis tells you exactly of how much nutrient you're taking in and whether it is above or below your requirements.

For more information I can be contacted on 087 9499136 or email

Thanks a million,



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