The Return of Mark Power

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The Return of Mark Power

Post by Dillonger on Thu Oct 29, 2009 8:06 am

After an extensive search of the greater Dublin hinterland, it can be revealed exclusively tonight on the forum of Waterford Triathlon Club that Mark Power has been found alive and well.

Wearing a large black bowler hat, dark sunglasses and a three quarter length suede coat, one would have been forgiven for not recognising the former stalwart of the club, but upon being recognised (by his athletic gait), he quickly gave himself up and revealed that he couldn't keep away from triathlon any longer.

At a hastily convened press conference later in the evening, flanked by Minister Martin Cullen and Dillonger, Powersy unveiled his plans for the coming season and indicated a 6 day a week training regime including a rigorous Wednesday nite track session. Asked what has driven him to make his return to the sport he once graced, Powersy was quick to say that there was only one man he wanted to hunt down, and that man is the great Dotsie Connolly.

Following the press conference, Powersy exited via the back door of the hotel and just after giving the victory salute, was whisked off past the waiting journalists in Cullen's state car.

The King is back.


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