Yoga for Triathletes

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Yoga for Triathletes

Post by Yvonne on Sat Apr 09, 2011 7:34 am


Yvonne here from Carrick Tri Club, I hope you dont mind me posting on your site, but my friend, Jenni Flynn of YogaBoo, is offering yoga classes for triathletes and I though members of your club might be interested.....

Shane, Catherine, Gerry and I have all been practicing Yoga with Jenni for the last few months and have found it very benificial.

The word Yoga means to unite or join, it harmonises all levels of the person and functions in a
holistic manner honoring the body, mind, and spirit. Practicing yoga enables us to enjoy truly full and
whole health.

Performing yoga, increases balance, strength and flexibility - three of the five essential components
(along with speed and endurance) of physical fitness. And, maybe most important of all, it teaches
focus and relaxation, integrating mind and body. Anyone who is prepared to swim, bike and run for
three to six hours knows the importance of mental, combined with physical, strength. Professional
triathletes use yoga as part of their strength training regimen. As healthy history attests, strength is
key to avoiding injury. Yoga is also a welcome respite from high-impact aerobic workouts.Restorative
sessions, that put the mind and body back in balance and deeply open tight muscle groups, provide
an ideal way to relax... while staying ready for the next challenge.

Anyone interested in Yoga for Triathletes, contact Jenni at 0851511023 or email

Groups of all sizes catered for, early morning, afternoon and evening sessions available.


For a minimum class size of 6 people the cost is 80 euro pp for 8 weeks (Duration per class: 1hr+)

Classes are tailored specifically to the needs of triathletes, with everyone working to the level that their own body will allow.


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