Free Vo2 max and body fat tests

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Free Vo2 max and body fat tests

Post by LambeB on Tue Feb 15, 2011 4:46 am

The effects of an ice slurry drink on reducing core temperature in well trained athletes in a hot climate
Paul Cullen 4th year Exercise & Health Studies student
Many major sporting events are held during the summer months with high average daily temperatures, e.g. Athens (33˚C )and Beijing Olympics (30˚C), Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Ironman (30.6˚C). In these high temperatures an athlete’s performance can be compromised. This leads to competition for the same blood supply. During exercise the muscles need a considerable proportion of the available blood supply to provide sufficient glucose for energy production, however with prolonged exercise, particularly in a hot environment, more blood is being shunted towards the skin to dissipate heat and this reduces the volume of blood going to exercising muscles. Athletes have used a variety of cooling methods in the past including use of an ice vest or cold water immersion before an event or a combination of both. However, these can be awkward to use and can interfere with proper warm ups, especially immersion in cold water. By using an ice slurry drink I hope to delay the inevitable increase in core body temperature and consequently improve performance in exercise in the heat.
My research will require you to take part in 3 exercise trials. During the first visit to the lab you will be required to do a VO2max test. Your body fat % and other physical measurements such as height and weight will be taken also. The next 2 trials will be performed in the lab after it has been heated. You will consume either an ice slurry drink or cold water before both of these exercise tests. During all 3 tests your ear temperature, heart rate, and rate of perceived exertion will be taken.
From these tests we can determine participant’s cardiovascular fitness levels, body fat % and their optimal training zone.
Tests involved:
The following tests will be conducted on participants:
Body fat %: Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) will be used to assess body fat content. This is a painless test which uses body water content to determine fat content.
Hydration Levels: A urine sample taken before the exercise will be analysed to assess hydration levels pre and post exercise.
VO2max test: This is to assess cardio-respiratory endurance fitness. It is a maximal test to measure the body’s ability to transport and use oxygen during exercise. The test will be carried out on the treadmill.
2 Sub-maximal exercise tests: These will be carried out in a heated room. Both trials will involve running at a constant speed for the duration of the test.
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