Kenmare I wanna be a star

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Kenmare I wanna be a star

Post by kc on Fri Sep 11, 2009 6:40 pm

Hi Im a newbie to this forum but having seen all the tactics being played out for Kenmare I felt I had to get in on the act. Looking at Noel Dillons estimated times he must be bringing a flask and some sandwiches to have on the way (which is quite likely) and he must be going to feed Copperman as well. Come out from the long grass and be honest. I can see ye all now sitting around the corner from transition looking at the clock and dreaming of that new toaster. Good man Slatts a real time and fair dews to ye.
Anyway apart from the run I ( unlike Noel )dont think Ill be a lot slower than the last time here goes
Swim 40mins
T1 , 1 min 50 secs
Cycle, 2.hours 43 mins
T2, 1min
Run, 1 hour 50 mins

I think thats 5 hours 16 mins ( when is time going metric)

Forcast is great Im feeling great so bring it on.


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