Race Day Report

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Race Day Report

Post by PaulineL on Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:59 pm

Alarms were ringing at 4.30am for breakfast. Everyone nervous but all still in good humour. Last minute preparations completed and at 5.45am the Waterford crowd made their way to Ironman City. The weather was calm and not too warm at this stage, ideal racing conditions really. 7 am came around very quickly and eventually for the lads after months of preparation the race was on!

The swim was 2 laps and involved the athletes exiting the water to run across a small island and dive back in. Gavin saw this as a photo op and made sure that Helen knew this by calling her while making his way to the ramp to exit! As predicted Stephen was flying and was first out of the swim and onto the bike. All the others were pleased with their swims, thankful too that the water temperature had dropped to 22.8 degress which allowed for a wetsuit swim.

All of the WAGS along with Treasa and Odhran positioned ourselves outside the campsite for the bike. When the lads past us here they were heading off on a 10k loop which involved climbing Heartbreak Hill. We got a bit worried about Stephen as there was no sign of him, however when he did arrive we saw the war wounds, road rash that Contador would be proud of. Fair play though, he was still going strong. Relaxed that they were all safe, we were enjoying the sunshine, Tina relaxing in her deck chair Irish flags flying high. Again we got worried when Slatts did not return from Heartbreak hill when he should have. We hoped that he had decided to stop and admire the view but knew in our hearts that something was up! Poor Una was pacing the road and was extremely relieved when he came into view - back wheel had fallen off but thankfully unhurt.

The run was four laps so there was loads of opportunities to cheer them on. Aubrey had a fantastic cycle but stomach problems prevented him from running to his usual form. Norah had a difficult hour wondering where he was and if he was ok, it was clear to see that he was not going to be able to continue. Aubrey will have better days and fair play to him for sticking around and supporting his team mates throughout the day.

Shane was flying and leading the Waterford contingent. Gavin was pacing himself well. A miracle that he was on the starting line, a double miracle that he had completed the swim and cycle as well as he had and looked good to complete his first ironman. The heat was picking up at this stage but the sheltered run made it a bit easier for the athletes. Shane and Martin had a great watering system in place. Sponges placed on the head under the hat and when they needed to cool down they just pressed on the top of the hat. This system although very practical will not make any fashion runways!

Finish line, we were all there. Big cheers for Shane as he completed his first Ironman. A great time too. Barry was next a new PB for him. Martin knocked nearly an hour off his previous time. Michael, what a debut, cheered on all the way by Odhran. Tom Casey did a jig on the blue carpet still looking as fresh as a daisy. Noel, another great performance in this his first Ironman. The two Marks were next. Running into the finishing straight together a great sight. Only a game of rock, paper, scissors would decide who would be first across the line. Mark Hayden won that but they were both winners really, two more Waterford Ironmen. Brian recovered well from his mishap on the bike and smiled from ear to ear running up the home straight. Stephen was next, stiff and sore after the fall but that was forgotten with the joy of crossing the finish line. We eagerly awaited the sight of Gavin. Many of the lads had returned to the rest of us at this stage and Gavin got the cheer of the day on his run to the finish. What an achievement. Of course we also cheered on the Carrick boys, Donal and Brian, well done to them also.

Well done to all! A fantastic day, fantastic athletes and a fantastic achievement for the members of Waterford Triathlon Club!


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Re: Race Day Report

Post by Helly on Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:46 pm

Some photos of the whole Swiss experience (from pre-race to race day to post race) now up on our Facebook page.

If anyone has any more photos, just send them on to me and I will put them up.

Also, if any of the new Ironmen want to write a race report (from their personal point of view) you can either put it up here on the forum or I can put it on our website...


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Re: Race Day Report

Post by Slatts on Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:38 pm

I put up our photos in a new folder


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Re: Race Day Report

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