Hello from Zurich

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Hello from Zurich

Post by Helly on Thu Jul 22, 2010 7:14 am

Hi all from Zurich. Most of us are here now in the campsite... Just about 1
mile from Ironman village... 5 camper vans & 3 tents. Some of the lads did 80k of the bike course today which is most of 1 loop... Not too bad apparently but was very hot & thirsty in the 34degrees heat! The campsite is right beside the lake so we all went for a swim...without the wetsuits..gorgeous & warm but not what the Ironmen want!
Barry & Aubrey registered today & were told the water temp is 24.5 which is the highest allowed for wetsuits but the organisers will do their best to find a cold spot at 6am on Sunday to allow wetsuits.
Had a small shower of rain this evening but still very humid so fingers crossed. The lads are planning to swim in wetsuits early in the morn to test it out...
In preparation so far Aubrey has waxed his chest & Martin has shaved his legs..I reckon a few more will follow suit in the coming days...Mark Hayden is about 2 foot too long for his tent so anything could happen to his legs while he's asleep!
So, Donal Jacob & Brian Sweeney (Carrick Tri Club)..if ye are Reading this before ye fly out, ye should do all necessary preparations before ye get here to save time..
So, don't forget to log in to [Only admins are allowed to see this link] on Sunday to follow the progress. We will update again after the race..


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Re: Hello from Zurich

Post by copperman on Thu Jul 22, 2010 7:48 am

Is this some sort of foreign hair loss support group? In fairness if Aubrey can wax his chest then the ironman will be easy in comparison!

Martin shaving the legs, is there no dignity left? Just to let you all know that dimished hair in pubic region will not make you go faster, if you are wondering how I know this Steven Doyle told me!

The water temperature would stop warming up if TC stopped doing his pre-swim prep, of the warm yellow variety!

Gavin & Slatts set of, shame there is no room at campsite save their hair though.

Thinking of you all here in Irish heatwave, cheerio


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