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National Series Rankings - Triathlon Ireland

Post by Helly on Fri Aug 14, 2009 2:08 am

Please take note of the following for anyone who is interested in their National Series points and rankings. The following is posted on the TI website.


National Series Rankings
Monday, August 10 2009 @ 03:41 AM IST - Contributed by: TIAdmin | Views::812

Triathlon Ireland are aware that a number of members have not received their points for some National Series races.
We understand that the National Series is important to our members. omissions and errors in results have caused some members to miss out on points from races they have done. To rectify this issue we have provided a facility for members to ensure that they receive points for all the National Series races they have completed.

Members have until Monday, 24 August to check their National Series rankings and update them if they have not received their points.

Please read on for details of how to claim your points.

If you have not received points for your National Series races, this could be for a number of reasons:-

1. your TI number was not allocated to your name on the results
2. your correct TI number was not allocated to your name on the results
3. your TI number was not given to the race organisers when entering a race
4. your age group on the results was incorrect, so our system was unable to match your results with your membership details
5. your name on the results was different to that on the membership system, so again, our system was unable to match your results with your membership details

We would ask all members to please check every National Series race you have done to ensure you have received your points. If you have not received your points, you will see the word 'CLAIM' in the points column. You need to click on the 'CLAIM'. This will prompt you to login and then you can claim your points.

If you have any difficulties opening up the results or claiming points, this may be because you are using a webrowser which isn't compatible with our system. If this is the case, please download Mozzilla 3 (for free) and you will be able to view all results and claim your points.

If your age group or name is incorrect on the results, the system won't allow you to claim your points. In this instance, you will need to contact the race organiser immediately and ask them to confirm the correct age group for you to Triathlon Ireland. Once Triathlon Ireland have received a confirmation email from the race organiser, we will update your age group and you will then be able to claim your points.

All National Series points will be finalised at 5pm on Monday 24th August. After this date, it will be too late to claim any points. Please note this is a strict deadline and it will not be extended.

Going forward, all race results will be displayed in the 'Results Central' area. The date in which the results are first posted will be shown. You will have 2 weeks from that date check your points. All results will show as 'Provisional'. After 2 weeks, the results will change to 'final'. Once they are made final, points can no longer be allocated.

It is up to each member to check the results and ensure you have been allocated your points. If you haven't received your points, please do so by completing the above steps before the results go 'final'.


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